You have probably heard the phrase, “Wise men still seek him.” It is based on the account found in Matthew 2:1-23 (Matt 2:1-23). Wise men came seeking him “that is born King of the Jews” (Matt 2:2) that they might worship Him. We do not know how they knew that the star that they had seen would lead them to the child Jesus, but they had followed it to Jerusalem from a long distance to worship the child that would be king. We know that Jesus would be more than a king. He would be a prophet, priest, and a saviour as well (Is. 9:6). Without Him we would have now hope of salvation from our sins.

But, they were only the first of millions of wise men who have sought Jesus. Today, wise men still seek Him for he is still the only hope of salvation and eternal life. Are you a wise man? Do you seek Jesus? Let us all seek Him, not only on December 25, but every day of our lives. Where can He be found. Only in His Word, the Bible.