Alleged Bible Discrepancies – Byran Hatcher

Carolina Messenger

When a skyscraper in a large city needs to be demolished specialists come in, study the blueprints of the building, plant a large amount of explosives at key points, and attempt to bring the building down in its own footprint. It is called an implosion. The first places explosives are positioned are the large support structures that begin at the foundation and, typically, run up through the structure. When these key supports are destroyed, gravity takes over and the building comes down.

Jesus Christ, in conjunction with the facts of the gospel, is the foundation of Christianity (Matthew 16:16-18; 1 Corinthians 3:11; 15:3, 4). The inspired Word of God, the Bible, is the pillar of Christianity that rises from the foundation and is the support for every saint. Since this is the case, enemies of God have continued to lay explosives on the column of inspiration in the form of…

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